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About us
What makes DollarMoon different?
Most people that deal with crypto are here to make money, wondering to gain a huge income. And this is quite understandable. However, there is a fine point that often gets neglected - the coins or tokens without strong project support are very unlikely to reach the moon. That’s why we are here - to make this real. We combined a substantial tokenomic and true projects that have use cases. Our roadmap is a unique invention - we define the phases not by timeframes, but by the Value Leading System! We are going to provide new projects with zero kills, so that the more people trade our token - the more projects are launched. Investors' trust in our token is built upon the value of our project and the tokenomic. We have the exclusive tokenomic that collects money for the treasury in order to use it for marketing and project-building. 5% of each buy/sell transaction will be taken for creating the projects demonstrated in our roadmap. The most essential benefit is the opportunity to have a stable passive income growth as 2% of each buy/sell transaction in BNB will go to the holders’ wallets. We have lots of reasons to believe that our token can make any dream a reality. If you missed Bitcoin in 2010 - the life gives you an opportunity once again!
Check Our Smart Contract :
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Experienced team
Passive income
Value Leading System
Massive Burn Events
Token Distribution
Our total supply is 200M . Tokens are distributed the following way:
200 M
: Burn events
: Dex Public sell
: Cex listing
: Team
Why we’re different :
We are the first cryptocurrency using the Value Leading System in the roadmap phases
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Tokens Burned
The secret leading our coin from 0.0002$ to the Moon
For every BUY transaction we have:
2% to liquidity
2% BNB reward to the holders
3% burn
5% to the treasury
Important notice: 5% fees go to the treasury and are used for building the projects and marketing. There are extra 3% fees in sell transaction (which makes the total of 15% sell taxes)
First step to the Moon
  • Website & Social media✅
  • Smart Contract Audit✅
  • Building a Community✅
  • Partnership With Youtubers✅
First zero kill: 0.001$
  • Burn Event✅
  • New Marketing Campaigns✅
  • Coinmarketcap and coingecko application✅
  • Community airdrops and gifts✅
Second zero kill: 0.01$
  • Burn Event✅
  • The website with instructions how to buy Dmoon in all languages
  • Create the ME&NA, Russian, French and Turkish communities✅
  • DollarMoon merch
Third zero kill: 0.1$
  • Burn Event
  • DollarMoon swap launch
  • Web3 / Blockchain Security Platform
  • Cex listing
  • AI hedge fund
Hit 1$
  • Burn Event
  • Dmoon fashion brand
  • Big exchanges exploration (Binance/OKX)
  • DollarMoon hot and cold wallet launch
Hit 10$+
  • DollarMoon exchange launch
  • Development of the DEX social media platform
  • New roadmap and new projects
  • More than the moon ..
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